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Benefits of manual transmissions

If you’re new to the world of manual cars, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. You’ve probably heard about how fun they are to drive but did you know that there are also a whole host of other great benefits to driving stick, some of which concern your wallet? Read on to learn more.


Manual transmissions contain far fewer parts than automatic ones. This means that there are much fewer things that can go wrong and even things that do wear out, like the clutch, won’t do so for years.

Fluid stability

Manual transmissions use engine or gear oil, which is much more stable and resistant to deterioration than automatic transmission fluids. In some cases, manufacturers don’t even recommend replacing your manual transmission fluid unless there’s a leak.

Fuel efficiency

In simple terms, because automatic transmissions have a more complex design, they consume more power than manual ones. In fact, manual transmissions may increase your fuel economy by up to 15%.

Initial cost

Finally, the initial cost of buying a manual transmission vehicle is significantly lower when compared to an automatic one of the same quality range.

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If you’ve just bought your first manual vehicle, we hope this page has done a decent job of letting you know what benefits are in store for you. To help you keep your vehicle running as smoothly as possible, trust us at Newcastle Gearbox & Diff to perform all your regular maintenance, check ups and repairs. We look forward to providing you with our high-quality services!