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Differential rear end rebuilds

The term ‘differential rear end’ refers to the placement of a vehicle’s differential underneath it’s rear. If you’ve run into serious issues with your differential rear end, you’re probably looking at having it rebuilt. Allow us to give you a run through of the costs and procedures involved with getting this done.


When it comes to this sort of job, the first thing on your mind is probably cost. It’s worth noting that this will vary greatly depending on your specific model, year and the availability of parts. Components will typically cost you several hundred dollars each.

We’d generally advise you to stay away from purchasing any aftermarket ‘do-it-yourself’ differential repair kits as these might wind up harming your vehicle or even you if you’re not entirely sure what to do. While buying parts and service from a reputable dealer like Newcastle Gearbox & Diff will undoubtedly cost you a bit of money, it’s a much safer bargain than going with a kit that might cost you thousands down the road.


Because we know that the exact price of repair varies from vehicle to vehicle, we’ll only give you an exact quote once we’ve hoisted your vehicle up and taken a look at it. This allows us to do a couple things: determine if complete rebuilding is necessary and give you an honest quote for the job.

Sometimes, clients come to us from another workshop who gave them a quote to rebuild the entire rear end differential. However, if we discover that you can indeed save some money by replacing or repairing individual parts, we’ll quote, advise and service your vehicle accordingly.

Contact Newcastle Gearbox & Diff

We hope we’ve given you a rough idea of how we can assist you with rebuilding your rear end differential and the costs involved. To reiterate, parts will likely cost you several hundred dollars each.

If you’d like more than a rough estimate, please do give us a call and stop by our shop. We’ll take a look at your specific vehicle and let you know exactly how much it’ll cost to rebuild your rear end differential.