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How long should a manual transmission last

Having a rough idea of how long your manual transmission should last will help you forecast any issues that may arise and work to combat them ahead of time. Read on to learn more.

The variables

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s impossible to really nail down one specific year or mile number that describes how long all manual transmissions should last.

One variable that finds it’s way into the mix is the fluid used in the transmission. Manual transmissions are known to not really require fluid changes, unless leaks arise. That said, if fluid not recommended by the manufacturer is used, this will obviously have negative effects on the transmission.

Another thing to consider is your driving style. Improper use of your stick shift or clutch can reduce the lifespan of components in your transmission, which is why it’s crucial to get tips on operating the vehicle safely if you’re coming from an automatic transmission vehicle.

Regular maintenance

If you engage in ‘rough driving’ (off road, etc), some experts recommend that you have your transmission serviced every 25,000 Kilometres. This will include changing of the fluid, as it will likely have broken down due to the heat created by rough use.

This is a fairly simple procedure with manual transmission vehicles and can be performed at any shop with access to the proper oils, such as Newcastle Gearbox & Diff.

If you’re not sure what service interval is recommended for your particular vehicle and driving style, give us a call. We’ll be able to provide you with a specific figure.

The numbers

Now that we’ve taken a look at a few variables and the all-important maintenance factor, it’s time to talk some numbers.

On the low end of the longevity scale, manual transmissions can last as little as 20,000 Kilometres. This low durability could be caused by improper oil usage, faulty aftermarket parts or even improper shifting on the driver’s part.

But on the positive side, manual transmissions can last well beyond 200,000km with proper maintenance and usage.

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