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4WD Transmission Repairs

Your 4WD is built to withstand tough environments, but over time, driving puts a strain on your transmission and affects the overall driving performance of your vehicle. Getting regular transmission maintenance services is essential for keeping your 4WD is good condition. As is addressing any problems as soon as they arise.

At Newcastle Gearbox & Diff, we are the gearbox specialists Newcastle can count on for fast and reliable repairs when it comes to gearbox, clutch or diff issues in vehicles of all kinds. Our team has over 20 years of experience as specialised technicians focusing on transmission issues.

Oil Check and Replacement

As a critical component of your transmission, oil is a lubricant and cooling medium for your system and helps to improve your overall driving performance by keeping the engine at the right temperature. Our experienced team will make sure that your car has the right oil levels to work effectively and conduct oil changes as necessary in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.


When it comes to gearbox repairs, Newcastle clients can count on us to diagnose issues with the gearbox and transmission in your 4WD and solve them efficiently and effectively. Our experience in working with thousands of gearboxes every year means we can identify issues quickly and know exactly what needs to be done.

Gearbox Repairs and Overhauls

Below are few signs that indicate a failing gearbox:

  • Leaking fluid
  • Burning odour
  • Buzzing or clunking sounds coming from the transmission
  • Slow response when changing gears
  • Grinding when switching gears for manual transmission
  • Stiff gears that make you exert more effort than usual when switching
  • Loose gears that feel unusual when you switch
  • Unusual noise when in neutral

As manual gearbox specialists, we keep a wide range of gearbox parts for all different types of car makes and models on hand. This allows us to conduct repairs and replacements quickly as we don’t have to wait for parts to get delivered.

Contact Our Gearbox and Differential Specialists Today

For specialist services including gearbox installations as well as gearbox repairs, differential services, clutch replacements, flywheel machining, transfer case repair and more, contact the team at Newcastle Gearbox and Diff. We’ll have the issue resolved quickly with a complete service from troubleshooting to part replacement.


Call us today on 02 4957 7197 or contact us online.

If you have a car or utility with a gearbox, clutch or diff issue that you would like fixed by the expert technicians at Newcastle Gearbox and Diff please contact us as follows.

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