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Clutch Replacement

Vehicle clutches wear out; this is a simple fact regarding manual vehicles. In fact, it’s incredibly common for a clutch to need to be replaced long before a car reaches the end of it’s usable lifespan.

Having your vehicle’s clutch replaced doesn’t have to be a stressful process. With assistance from the gearbox experts at Newcastle Gearbox & Diff, you can rest assured in knowing that your vehicle will be fully functional and back out on the road as soon as possible.

But one question that comes up a lot regarding vehicle clutches is when they need to be replaced. Read on for a few tips that should help you identify when your clutch needs to be repaired or replaced.

#1 – Take note of your clutch pedal’s ‘resistance’

Your vehicle’s clutch pedal should offer some ‘resistance’ when you attempt to disengage it. If the pedal is engaged/disengaged with ease, this is likely a sign that your clutch is worn out.

#2 – Pay attention to your car’s RPM meter

A nifty ‘experiment’ to try regarding your vehicle’s clutch is to shift from 3rd gear to 2nd while driving and pay attention to your RPM meter. If it does not immediately go up, this could be a sign that your clutch needs replacing.

#3 – Has the height of your clutch pedal changed?

If you suspect the height of your clutch pedal has changed (in either the ‘engaged’ or ‘disengaged’ positions), this could indicate that your clutch has worn down.

#4 – Have an expert inspect your vehicle’s clutched

Obviously, much of what we’ve listed here are simply symptoms of a bad clutch that’s in need of replacement. If you’d like a more comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s clutch, trust your transmission experts here at Newcastle Gearbox & Diff.

Our extensive experience in performing gearbox repairs on vehicles for countless clients, commercial and industrial, has granted us a level of experience that means we’re able to get work that would normally take other shops several days to complete done in a day or two.

With a wide range of parts and several trained, qualified and experienced technicians at you disposal, look no further than the gearbox technicians here at Newcastle Gearbox and Diff. for all your gearbox and clutch servicing needs.

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Newcastle Gearbox and Diff services include:

  • Clutch replacement
  • Differential service
  • Flywheel machining
  • Gearbox repair
  • Transfer case repair

If you have a car or utility with a gearbox, clutch or diff issue that you would like fixed by the expert technicians at Newcastle Gearbox and Diff please contact us as follows.

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