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Newcastle Gearbox & Diff Service – Sydney


Looking for high quality transmission repairs in the Sydney area? We’ve got you covered here at Newcastle Gearbox & Diff.

Trusted Industry-Wide

We aren’t just trusted by individual retail clients. Several industrial shops trust us with their clients’ vehicles as well and rely on us for the following specialized services:

Newcastle staff working on flywheel

Flywheel Machining

A mechanic repairing transfer case

Transfer Case Service

Newcastle staff repairing transmission

4WD Transmission Repair Service

Transmission Troubleshooting

Clutch of a vehicle captured in the picture

Clutch Replacement

Newcastle staff holding transmission spare parts

Transmission Spare-part Sales

Our partners include Our Town CarClinic, Malone Automotive Repairs, A&T Saide Mechanical and Tanila Bay Automotive.

Interested in our services?

If you’d like to get Newcastle Gearbox & Diff to work for you in the Sydney area, give us a call. We look forward to letting you know how we can assist you, whether you’re an individual client, start up vehicle shop or established repair centre.