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About Newcastle Gearbox and Diff

Established in 1995, Newcastle Gearbox & Diff. has grown from a small business of just three employees to one of the top vehicle gearbox repair service providers in the Newcastle region.

Now employing ten gearbox repair experts, we at Newcastle Gearbox & Diff. serve clients ranging from individual customers to car mechanics and dealerships who rely on our top notch servicing of manual transmission, gearbox and differential repair.

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to providing the absolute best driveline repairs and servicing for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. From the way we conduct business right down to the fully functional car gearbox cutaways we keep on display, our aim is to enhance customer experience and reduce some of the stress and anxiety that comes along with having work done on your car’s gearbox.

We remove, disassemble, service, repair, refit vehicle gearboxes every day, an area of speciality that not many mechanical workshops in Newcastle and the Hunter Region practice with such precision, diligence and efficiency.

In addition to the work done for mechanics, smash repairers, car insurers and individual clients, we also do a fair amount of warranty repair work for car dealerships. All of the parts we use to repair and servicing of manual transmissions, gearboxes and diffs are warrantied.

Essentially, look to us as your one stop for all your gearbox, diff, clutch and manual transmission (not automatic transmission) service centre. Whether you want to bring in your own car for a new clutch or you are a trade client who needs perfection and quick turnarounds, we’ve got you covered.

All our work is done with precision to a strict sequence and process that ensures every gearbox that is dispatched from our workshop is in correct working order. We look forward to serving you when you next need maintenance on a diff, clutch or manual transmission!

Here are just some of the areas we have expertise in:

four vehicles are being repaired in newcastle workshop